Wednesday, April 17, 2013

It's So What! Wednesday!

Here's what I'm saying So What! to this week...

  • I joined the gym but haven't been as much as I wanted to go... that's going to change this week!
  • I have project and cleaning ADD.
  • I have gotten up early every day this week and am going to reward myself with ice cream right after I finish this post. 
  • I went bridesmaid dress shopping with my girls two weeks ago... I made them try on a dozen dresses and still chose the first one they put on, which is the original one I wanted.
  • I have been working my jewelry business full time for over two months now and am just starting to feel like I'm getting my act together.
  • I never shower first thing in the morning... I work around the house in my pjs until I have to get ready for something outside the house.
  • The above statement means that if I don't have anything going on, sometimes I'm in my pjs all day.
  • I keep trying to get into a routine with the blog{s} and just can't seem to keep it going... I'm working on it. 
  • The only reason I miss my old job {that I thought I LOVED} is the financial stability... I feel so rewarded with what I'm doing now.
What are you saying So What! to this week?  Link up with Shannon and let us know!

Have a yummy day!